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More cooking than show.

Debra Broussard Taghehchian is the real deal in the kitchen — and she wants to share her secrets with you. When it comes right down to it, Debra doesn’t have cooking secrets. She just cooks real food with good solid basics and she wants to empower others to do the same.

Made in Louisiana.

Growing up on a dairy farm in the middle of Cajun country, Debra learned the basics of cooking from an early age. Her love of food and family prompted her to continue learning on her own and from cooks around the world.

Home economics is real.

Cooking is a basic life skill — without the ability to cook, people are held captive by more expensive and less healthy options. Debra wants to teach the next generation how to be comfortable in the kitchen and cook their own meals.

Independence in the kitchen.

Debra offers scheduled cooking classes for teens, adults and special groups. In basic classes, students learn various cooking techniques including how to roast, sauté, sear, chop, boil, dice and bake.

A world of flavors.

Debra also teaches specialized and more advanced classes, as well as international cuisine. Debra is Cordon-Bleu trained and lived in Iran for five years. Beyond her Cajun roots, she is an expert Persian and French cook.



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Debra Broussard Taghehchian grew up in a Cajun kitchen near the apron strings of both her mother and father. Her family lived on and ran a dairy farm on the Broussard farm just south of Lafayette. Her Cajun roots go back to the Beausoleil Broussard and the first Acadian settlers in Louisiana — you don’t get more Cajun than Debra. She had continued to develop her culinary skills with formal training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and less formal training in the kitchens around the world — from Iran to Croatia. She believes cooking, followed by eating together at a round table, could change the world.

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